Administrative Rules

The Board and Commission are vested with the authority to promulgate administrative rules to carry into effect the duties and powers accrued to them by state law.

Administrative Rules are adopted pursuant to the Alabama Administrative Procedure Act, being published in the Alabama Administrative Monthly for public comment. Public hearings are held to receive comments about proposed rule changes with great import to licensees' practices.   

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Board of Medical Examiners Administrative Rules

The Board of Medical Examiners Administrative Rules are published by the
Legislative Reference Service.

Medical Licensure Commission Administrative Rules

The Medical Licensure Commission Administrative Rules are published by the
Legislative Reference Service

(Emergency rules will not appear at the Legislative Reference links above)

Emergency Rules

From time to time, the Board or Commission will adopt rules on an emergency basis. These rules are also published for public comment, and they are effective on the day they are filed until the final rule is adopted. The Legislative Reference Service does not post emergency rules at its web site; therefore, emergency rules will be posted here:

545-X-2, Appendix B, License Renewal Application

Proposed Rules

540-X-8-.06/.20, Authorization for Practice as a Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife (comment period ends 10/5/2018)

545-X-1, Organization and Administration; 545-X-2 Licenses and 545-X-2 Appendix B; 545-X-3 Hearings; 545-X-6, Practice of Medicine Across State Lines; 545-X-7-.03 Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (comment period ends 11/2/2018)

545-X-2, Appendix C, Application for Reinstatement; 545-X-5-.02, Basic Requirement (CME); 545-X-6, Appendix A, Application for a Special Purpose License to Practice Medicine/Osteopathy; 545-X-2, Appendix D, Retired Senior Volunteer Program Application for Restricted License to Practice Medicine/Osteopathy; 545-X-2, Appendix A, Application for License to Practice Medicine/Osteopathy (comment period ends 11/2/2018)

Certified Final Rules

540-X-7-.16, .21, .24, .31, .32, various rules relating to Physician Assistants (effective date 9/17/2018)

540-X-10-.12 and Appendix D, Registration of Office-Based Surgery/Procedures Physician and Office-Based Surgery/Procedures Physician Registration Form (effective date 10/1/2018)

540-X-16 Appendix A; 540-X-18 Appendices A and C; 540-X-19 Appendix A; 540-X-20 Appendix A, various application forms (effective date 10/8/2018

540-X-3 Appendix A; 540-X-4 Appendix A; 540-X-7 Appendices A, B, C, and D; 540-X_12 Appendices A and C, various application forms (effective date 10/8/2018)

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