Schedule of fees

Item Fee
Initial application for certificate of qualification (COQ) $175.00
Criminal background check $65.00
Examination fees (if applicable) See FSMB
Initial license (after COQ approved) $75.00
Initial Alabama Controlled Substances Certificate (ACSC) $150.00
Annual M. D./D. O. license renewal $300.00
Annual ACSC renewal $150.00
Registration for Pain Management Services $100.00
Renewal of Pain Management Services Registration $100.00
Initial application and license to practice as a P. A. $200.00
Registration agreement between P. A. and supervising physician $100.00
Annual P. A. license renewal $100.00
Initial Qualified Alabama Controlled Substances Certificate (QACSC) (PAs, CRNPs, CNMs) $110.00
NEW: Additional Qualified Alabama Controlled Substances Certificate (QACSC) (PAs, CRNPs, CNMs) $60.00
Annual QACSC renewal  (PAs, CRNPs, CNMs) $60.00
Initial application for limited license $175.00
Annual application for new limited license $75.00
Initial application for special purpose (telemedicine) license $175.00
Renewal of special purpose license $75.00
Commencement of collaborative practice fee $200.00
Replacement wall certificate $25.00
Replacement annual license or (Q)ACSC receipt no charge
Registration for office based surgery no charge
Registration for use of lasers no charge

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