Collaborative practice applications

Application for CRNP/CNM license

  • Licenses to practice as a nurse practitioner are issued by the Alabama Board of Nursing
  • Please see Alabama Board of Nursing.

Application for collaborative practice agreement

Collaborative practice registrations

  • There is a $100 annual registration fee payable by the physician for each collaborative practice.
  • Renewal process for collaborating physicians
  • Click here for the Commencement Form and Instructions (must be downloaded to enable fillable features) to submit with the initial $100 registration fee.
  • Temporary approval will not be issued by the Board of Nursing nor will the collaborative practice be submitted for approval until the initial commencement form is received and the $100 registration fee has been paid to the Board of Medical Examiners.
  • All collaborative practices are renewable by Dec. 31 of each year with a $100 renewal fee.
  • Annual renewal may be accomplished online by the physician during the license renewal process.
  • Collaborative practices that are not renewed by Dec. 31 automatically become non-approved on January 1, and the physician should not collaborate with the Nurse Practitioner until the fee is paid or a termination form is received by the Board.
  • The physician is responsible for notifying the Board of Medical Examiners within fourteen (14) days when a collaborative practice is terminated. Using the online notification of termination form is a quick and simple way to do this.
  • Physicians who neither renew nor terminate a collaborative practice by Jan. 1 may receive a permanent letter of concern from the Board.

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