Disciplinary actions

  • Synopses of public license actions are posted on a current basis as they are made public.
  • The listings generally will remain for three months.
  • After three months, this information may be found in the Public Action Reports in the BME Newsletters
  • To determine if there has been action against a physician's license:
    • look up the licensee in our database
    • disciplinary action will be indicated by a "yes" in the "public file" row on the results page
    • if there is a public file, click the "yes" link to download a .pdf file of the documents.
  • For certified copies of public disciplinary documents, click here for a certified copies request form.  There is no fee for this service.

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Recent actions


On Apr. 14, the Board entered a Consent Order placing on probation the Alabama Controlled Substances Certificate of Farouk Y. Khan, MD, lic. no. MD.21322, Dothan AL.

On Apr. 13, the Board issued a Consent Order restricting the license to practice as a physician assistant in Alabama of Kristi N. Bane, PA, lic. no. PA.273, Gadsden AL.

Effective Apr. 7, the Board and Larry T. Bolton, MD, lic. no. MD.5951, Scottsboro AL, entered a Consent Order reinstating Dr. Bolton's Alabama Controlled Substances Certificate in Schedules II-V, with certain conditions.


On Apr. 3, the Commission issued an order denying the application for reinstatement of license of Paul M. Muratta, DO, lic. no. DO.536, Gadsden AL.

BOARD OF MEDICAL EXAMINERS - MARCH 2017 (too late for newsletter)

Effective Mar. 17, the Alabama Controlled Substances Certificate of Tao Chen, MD, lic. no. MD.29601, Mobile AL, is placed on probation, subject to certain terms and conditions.

On Mar. 15, the Board accepted the voluntary surrender of the certificate of qualification and license to practice medicine in Alabama of Robert M. Ritchea, MD, lic. no. MD.19887, Phenix City AL.

MEDICAL LICENSURE COMMISSION - MARCH 2017 (too late for newsletter)

On Mar. 20, the Commission issued an Order staying the Commission's Mar. 7, 2017, Order concerning William Ricardo Montiel, MD, lic. no. MD.18168, Prattville AL, pending further order of the  Commission.

Actions for CME (reprimand, fine, additional CME required):

None at this time.

Actions on ACSC for not being registered for PDMP (administrative fine):

None at this time.

Actions on ACSC for prescribing controlled substances with expired ACSC (administrative fine):

William Roy Farmer, MD, lic. no. MD.10163, Evergreen AL

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