P. A. license and Qualified Alabama Controlled Substances Certificate agenda deadline dates

A license or registration application will not be placed on the agenda until the application is fully complete by the cut off date, including receipt by the Board of all supporting documentation.

Note:  Please be reminded that waiting to receive information from other agencies can cause delays in a licensure application being placed on the Board's agenda, i.e., license verification from other states, criminal background check results.   

Month Deadline Meeting
Jan Dec 22 Jan 17
Feb Jan 29 Feb 21
Mar Feb 26 Mar 21
Apr Mar 19 Apr 12
May Apr 23 May 16
Jun May 28 Jun 20
Jul Jun 25 Jul 18
Aug Jul 23 Aug 15
Sep Aug 27 Sep 19
Oct Sep 24 Oct 19
Nov Oct 22 Nov 15
Dec Nov 16 Dec 12

Deadline for Jan. 16, 2019, meeting is Dec. 18, 2018

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